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L’enfance is a registered brand that specialises in baby hygiene care.
All L’enfance formulas have been carefully developed to meet the specific needs and strictest requirements for baby hygiene and well-being, from the very first days of life.
We are committed to ensuring that our products, formulas and ingredients are safe. All L’enfance products have been subjected to microbiological, performance and dermatological tests in accredited laboratories which meet the strictest requirements of Best Clinical Practices. laboratories
L'enfance has set the most stringent safety and quality standards for its products.
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  • HRIPT (Compatibility and absence of allergy potential)
  • Skin Protection/Regeneration Effectiveness
  • Moisturising Effectiveness
  • Skin Barrier Preservation Effectiveness
  • HET CAM (ocular irritation testing)
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Logo Natural Ingredient
All L’enfance formulas contain natural ingredients
With gentle, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients and no dyes or alcohol, all L’enfance formulas are dermatologically tested, making them safe and suitable for the sensitive and delicate skin of the baby.
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L'enfance Cleansing Kit
Cleansing Gel 500ml & 200ml
L'ENFANCE CLEANSING GEL was specially formulated for baby's daily bath hygiene. Gently cleans the baby's body and hair. Does not dry or irritate skin.
Gentle Soap 90gr
L'ENFANCE GENTLE SOAP was specially formulated for the baby's daily bath hygiene. Gently cleanses the body and hair. Does not dry the skin. Preserves the skin barrier. Maintains the natural hydration of the skin.
Cleaning Wipes 60un
L'ENFANCE CLEANING WIPES contain a formula specially developed for the delicate cleaning of the baby's face and body. Does not require rinsing. Refreshing effect. Respect the natural pH of a baby's skin. Delicately scented. Extremely gentle to the skin. Does not irritate.


L'enfance Nappy Change
Barrier Cream 100ml
L'ENFANCE BARRIER CREAM was formulated specially to prevent, care for and protect the baby's skin from irritation and rash. Provides immediate relief from the first application and promotes skin repair, leaving it soft, smooth and protected.


Lénfance Moisturising
Body Lotion 500ml & 200ml
L'ENFANCE BODY LOTION was specially formulated for daily baby moisturizing. The skin stays moisturized, soft, smooth and delicately scented. Preserves the baby's skin barrier.
Body Oil 200ml
L'ENFANCE BODY OIL was specially formulated for the baby's massage and daily moisturizing routine. The skin stays moisturized, soft, smooth and delicately scented. It has a non- sticky texture that is easy to absorb, and residue-free.


L'enfance Comfort Kit
Eau de Cologne 200ml
L'ENFANCE COLOGNE was specially formulated with a delicate scent. Alcohol free and pH neutral for the skin. Refreshes the baby and does not dry the skin.